[aprssig] aprsd doesn't work with Fedora?

Tate KC7ZRU kc7zru at arrl.net
Wed Oct 6 23:35:51 CDT 2004

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APRS SIG wrote:

| Sean,
| Thank you, I got aprsd running thanks to you. I didn't realize the aprsd
| project was moved to sourceforge.org or that there was a new version
| available. The installation and start procedure has changed a lot.
| The doc directory has old documentation. In fact, it gives incorrect
| information. Perhaps you can answer these two questions.
| How are you "starting" aprsd. In the past I ran it as a daemom process
| starting it as a "service" automatically on power up. The new syntax is
| aprsd -d. Did you put yours in "rc.local" to start it upon power up?
| Is there a standard directory location for aprsd. The install script put
| the binary in /usr/local/bin by default. I saw no documentation where to
| put it after the compile. The old aprsd put everything in /home/aprsd2.
| Rich, W9IF

Hi Rich,

I'm a bit of a holdover from the 'old style'. I still have a
/home/aprsd2 directory. When I compile up new versions, I don't use the
install script - I just copy the binary to the /home/aprsd2 directory
and let 'er fly. I've copied in with their version names. Then I can
just copy that <filename-version> to aprsd whenever I want to use
something different. I've done the same with the aprsd.conf scripts.

I use Dale's /etc/rc.d/init.d script to start and stop:


# aprsd.init for version 2.1.5.  starts or stops aprsd server.
# This file should be placed in /etc/rc.d/init.d/
# Author:      Dale Heatherington <aprsd1 at wa4dsy dot net>
# Source function library.
#. /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions

# See how we were called.
case "$1" in
~  start)
~   echo  "Starting aprs server daemon. "

~   /home/aprsd2/aprsd -d

~        echo
~        touch /var/lock/subsys/aprsd
~        ;;
~  stop)
~   echo  "Stopping aprs server daemon. "
~        killall -INT aprsd
~        rm -f /var/lock/subsys/aprsd
~        ;;
~  *)
~        echo "Usage: aprsd.init {start|stop}"
~        exit 1

exit 0


Works pretty good. Somehow or another, aprsd even lists in the 'System
Services' dialog when using 'setup' from CLI. Just check the box and
aprsd fires off with every boot un-aided.

I've not looked at the install script or the source to see where the
newer aprsds (2.2.5-15) puts the aprsd.conf file - I've just put mine in
with the binary in /home/aprsd2 - runs fine for me. Run'n 2.2.5-14 FB.
Can't remember just now why I'm not run'n -15...


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