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[aprssig] Chemical sensors

Spider spider at rivcom.net
Fri Oct 8 03:18:19 UTC 2004

Not to change the subject...because it really fits.....There are discussions 
taking place about adding extra sensor data to a weather packet.

FireNet has big time growing pains in that users are asking for much more 
data than we currently can provide.  Curt and Bob have been chewing on this 
a little and it's a healthy growth pain.  There is much more sensor data out 
there that we could provide.  For example, I have a Campbell Wx data logger 
with an evaporation station sensor and solar uv sensor on it.  It would be 
cool if someday the cheaper Wx Stations could include inputs for such 
sensors.  Fuel moisture sensors, etc., would be nice to include.

Somehow, we need to work on telemetry modules that would accept standardized 
sensors, convert that data to APRS telemetry or some APRS formatted 
packet....and then figure out how to include that in a way FSL or someone 
could do something with it.  It would not necessarily have to tie into a wx 
packet....which appears to be sensor limited.

If such modules were available, I'd sure have a bunch measuring all sorts of 
strange things.
1-5v, 4-20ma, 10-50ma inputs, adjustable values for zero and span, output 
(modulate) an APRS signal and ptt and squirt it out on a transmitter.
The packet data fields would have to be open to accept values based on 
hundreds of different types of sensors so that
any one of them that anybody could think of could be used.....like your gas 
sensor....which I am sure are out there.
I also have two  O2 sensors for entering into places that might not let a 
person breath too well!  So there are all sort of neat things people could 
explore using sensors and APRS.



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Subject: [aprssig] Chemical sensors

> Does anyone know of an inexpensive sensor that can measure the 
> concentration
> of a given gas in the atmosphere?  For example, something that could give
> the concentration of poison gas as might be used in a terrorist chemical
> attack.  A device that could monitor the concentration of this gas might 
> be
> a good addition to APRS weather stations situated in large cities.  I'd
> appreciate it if you could send me any URLs off line.
> Thanks.
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