[aprssig] Yosemite Nat. Park weather and DIGI

Kurt O. Jauss kf6hjo at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 7 23:58:35 CDT 2004

    Ok boys and girls;
Yosemite park finally has a full time DIGI and weather station. K6IXA-2 
is a KPC-3 ver 8.2  TNC with a PEET 100 weather station, a .01 rain 
gauge using a  WXTRAK. It DIGI's   WIDE, RELAY, TRACE, CA, and WX.  It 
covers the Valley and high country well. After replacing a bad TNC and  
adjusting the placement of the weather station it seems that the system 
works. We will watch it for a week or so and if the WXTRAK / TNC wired 
in parallel seems stable without causing errors, we will add a  WXTRAK 
to the W6BXN-3  DIGI which is to the west of the park.


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