[aprssig] MEPIS Linux / XASTIR

Brian Riley (maillist) n1bq_list at wulfden.org
Fri Oct 8 16:38:17 CDT 2004

Ever since the discussion about how easy it was to install Xastir under
MEPIS Linux I have been mucking about with it ....

FWIW here are some things I found

    There is a website MRBass <http://www.mrbass.com> that is quite helpful,
it is one of those multi-facetted wit a number of interesting topics. But of
interest here is

  - some general Linux tips a number of which I found useful


  - specifically MEPIS Linux, a number of links to helpful installation
tips, Windows dual boot, from scratch single install, etc. as well as setup
tips. Links to the newest 2004.03 (Sept 30, 2004) ISO file.


    - one of the things on the page that was a real help to me was hints for
mounting an external FireWire drive. 'dmesg' was showing misleading errors
about the state of the FW drive after being plugged in.  Aside from that I
have no complaints about MEPIS it is the most painless Linux install I have
ever done and on the modest new Athlon 2100+ with a Gig of Ram that I just
slapped togther, it flies.

  cheers ... n1bq

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