[aprssig] Chemical sensors

Spider spider at rivcom.net
Fri Oct 8 18:58:40 CDT 2004

I think it needs to go way beyond the spec and into a new relm.  I would 
suggest this sort a telemetry packet that could also contain weather 
sensors....not the other way around.  We waist a lot of space in a packet 
dealing with locations....which is NOT necessary for sensor data.....for the 
vast majority of sensors.  This is where Meta files enter into the 
picture....and we should consider this.....me thinks!


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> I second the motion .... We need to look at the spec to see how best we 
> can
> create an extensible telemetry set ... Do we modify the weather data 
> format
> or do we modify the telemetry format or do we create a new frame, it must 
> be
> open ended and provide for easy extension to new kinds of data.
> The problem I see is one Bob has pounded on, one frame should not depend 
> on
> reception of a prior frame. So maybe data should be sent
> : ssss ttdddd ttdddd ttdddd ttdddd ... cccc
> where ssss is a sequence number in hex, tt is hexadecimal data type, and
> dddd is data in hex and ccc is CRC16 of the data and sequence, that gives 
> us
> 255 data types, and 16 bit data. How big can we make it? If you have more
> values to send, generate an additional frame. 255 not enough do three hex
> digits or maybe base 91.
> I was thinking we could add a 'data set identifier' and it would be a 
> simple
> single char indicating that the data type identifier is part of a 
> 'standard
> set' some specific set ... Or nonstandard set ... Then the APRS Clients
> could see that and if it were a standard set it could decode it and if it
> were not it would leave it alone.
> ... Just thinking put loud
> On 10/7/04 11:18 PM, "Spider" <spider at rivcom.net> wrote:
>> Not to change the subject...because it really fits.....There are 
>> discussions
>> taking place about adding extra sensor data to a weather packet.
>  [deletia]
>> I also have two  O2 sensors for entering into places that might not let a
>> person breath too well!  So there are all sort of neat things people 
>> could
>> explore using sensors and APRS.
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