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[aprssig] MEPIS and mapping programs

Rick Green rtg at aapsc.com
Sat Oct 9 15:04:53 UTC 2004

On Sat, 9 Oct 2004, Joe Della Barba wrote:

> questions; Is Xastir a good app to run an I-Gate? Is there any kind of
> navigation software like Fugawi that runs on Linux?
  I'm not familiar with an application called fugawi.  The term does,
however, bring to mind an old joke, heard many years ago at a cocktail
party populated by many students of Anthropology at the U of M:
  WHen the earliest explorers  came to the savannahs of central Africa,
they came upon a tribe of 4-foot tall people, who because they lived in an
environment of six-foot tall grasses, spent much of the time wandering
around chanting "We're the Fugawi!"  The name has stuck in the literature
to this day.
  So if what you are looking for is an application that gives you a moving
map display with your own GPS position always at the center, yes - xastir
does have a 'track me' function.

Rick Green

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little
 temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
                                  -Benjamin Franklin

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