[aprssig] Chemical sensors

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Sat Oct 9 10:48:10 CDT 2004

I've got nothing against an offline meta file, but what about something like
a balloon?  It's going to need position AND sensors.  And with OpenTRAC,
I've been aiming for an ability to do a limited sort of plug-and-play - just
drop a sensor module (or launch it on a balloon) and everyone on RF can at
least see what sort of sensors they're looking at and what the actual values


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>The positional information of the sensors is very important.

That's where a meta file comes in real handy!

The meta file could contain ALL the specs of the sensor, traceable
calibration data, installation data,
lat, lon, elevation, physical location description, url links to pictures or
the site or real time video, etc.
Way beyond what APRS could handle.

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