[aprssig] RE: XASTIR help needed

Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Mon Oct 11 10:29:35 CDT 2004

On Mon, 11 Oct 2004, Andrew Rich wrote:

> 26.32.66S, 151.32.60E
> 28.23.61S, 154.31.00E
> 0027.gif
> produced
> FILENAME    0027.gif
> TIEPOINT    0		0	151.543333333333	-26.5443333333333
> TIEPOINT    1203	842	154.516666666667	-28.3935
> IMAGESIZE   1204	843
> #1204x843
> #
> # Converted from a .INF file by WE7U's inf2geo.pl script
> #

First of all, questions like this are best answered on the Xastir
mailing list.  There are a lot of subscribers on the APRSSIG that
don't run Xastir.  They probably don't want to hear about specific
problems/solutions for it.

The .geo file above looks pretty normal.  You've tried selecting
that map and zooming into that location?  It's a fairly small area
of the world, and Xastir refuses to load it unless it is in the
current view.  Once you have that area in your view you should see a
"Loading" message in the status bar as it loads that map.  Make sure
you are zoomed quite a ways in or you might not even see that the
map was loaded.  It might be just one pixel on your screen (if that)
at world view).

Make sure the permissions on the gif file are ok for the user who's
running Xastir to read it.  Make sure the case of the filename
matches that inside the .geo file ("0027.gif").

Try "display 0027.gif" from the command-line to make sure that your
installed version of ImageMagick can read/display the file.

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