[aprssig] MFJ TNCs

Danny danny at messano.net
Mon Oct 11 14:55:53 CDT 2004

MFJ is discontinuing their TNCs.

I called, and was told they were an import item (not sure if in part or if the whole box came from overseas), and they can't get them built anymore.

One of few times I have seen a product with such mass appeal and high demand die because of some uncontrollable set of circumstances.

They apparently ARE still interested in being in the TNC market, and if they can find a way, they will be back in it.

Would be neat if MFJ bought someone out that makes some of these micro sized and special purpose TNCs and tracker boxes, and had them design modern, enhanced (USB/Serial) replacements for their former product line.  I mean, if you are going to get BACK into the TNC business, do it with a bang! 


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