[aprssig] MFJ TNCs

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Mon Oct 11 17:12:38 CDT 2004

At 12:55 PM 10/11/2004, Danny wrote:
>MFJ is discontinuing their TNCs.
>I called, and was told they were an import item (not sure if in part or if 
>the whole box came from overseas), and they can't get them built anymore.
>One of few times I have seen a product with such mass appeal and high 
>demand die because of some uncontrollable set of circumstances.
>They apparently ARE still interested in being in the TNC market, and if 
>they can find a way, they will be back in it.
>Would be neat if MFJ bought someone out that makes some of these micro 
>sized and special purpose TNCs and tracker boxes, and had them design 
>modern, enhanced (USB/Serial) replacements for their former product 
>line.  I mean, if you are going to get BACK into the TNC business, do it 
>with a bang!

         Oh, geez!  Wouldn't it be great if they could come to an agreement 
to market the USB TNCs!!!


Earl Needham, KD5XB, Clovis, New Mexico  DM84jk

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