[aprssig] logic analyzer/digital o-scope?

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Tue Oct 12 09:20:46 CDT 2004

Check out these:


Not really cheap, though.  I actually did pay around $35 for my logic
analyzer on eBay - an older Agilent model that cost me another $15 for a new
fan and $10 or so for pin grabbers, plus maybe $20 for shipping.  It's been
worth every penny in analyzing bus timing problems.  I've also got the
matching digital storage oscilloscope, which cost me more like $100.  It's
adequate, but I don't have a GPIB interface.

Here's another tool I sometimes get some use out of:


I got this when I got tired of trying to use the parallel port for
everything.  It's got 56 I/O lines and is programmable in Visual Basic or
any other COM language.  You could hook a parallel A/D converter up to a
board like this and run a simple program to pull samples, or buy an analog
DAQ board like this one:


That's about $350, though.  I paid about $120 for my digital I/O board, and
a 10- or 12-bit A/D wouldn't cost much.


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Does anyone know of a USB logic analyzer or digital oscope that is cheap?
Really, my problem is that the input to my sound card on my mother board is
DC biased (and I am reluctant to take a soldering iron to the motherboard).
what I'm really looking for is a DC biased sound card (or some USB dongle
I won't mind taking the soldering iron to.)  The point to this is to get a
capture of the garmin rino radio waveform for analysis from the DISC out of
of my 70cm rigs.

Something in the $35 range would be nice, but more if I have to...


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