[aprssig] PCsat Operations

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 13 14:51:25 CDT 2004

PCsat is still working:

I was able to command PCsat on every pass today and
both the A and B side.  But some stations are still hitting
the bird with too-frequent automatic beacons and the load 
is still too much for her to make it through eclipse..

Since we are approaching a good sun recovery period
we ask that ALL stations cease all  unattended beacons.

Eclipses are down from the peak of 35 minutes to 
only 25 minutes today and getting shorter every day. 
By the weekend she will be in full sun.  Though for 
the last 6 months this has not helped beacuse then
she is sideways onto the sun.  But the results today
are encouraging... The sun is further south in the fall and 
that puts more sun on the +Z panel (which points south)
which might just be enough...

So again. stop beaconing through PCsat until we 
get her to remember her 00111111 settings with
the two spare receivers off...

After 24 hours of 00111111, then we should be
able to invite users back but at only  the nominal
2 minute rate.

de Wb4APR
US Naval Academy Satellite Command Station

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