[aprssig] pcmcia serial for TNC

Mike Yetsko myetsko at insydesw.com
Wed Oct 13 19:03:32 CDT 2004

> I know this is an age old problem... my laptop has one serial port, I
have a TNC
> and a GPS.  Does anyone have any suggestion for a PCMCIA serial card
that has
> drivers for linux?  I've found Eiger labs cards on EBAY, but can't
confirm that
> they will work under linux.
> HSP cable is not an option for me, since the GPS must remain in Garmin
Host mode
> and is not streaming data all the time.
> Wes

If your laptop has no USB, and the PCMCIA slot is PC-Card, not PCMCIA,
consider a USB card.  Then plug in USB-Serial cables to the card.

Software and more has some closeouts of PC-Card USB cards for $10.


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