[aprssig] pcmcia serial for TNC

nc8q-1 nc8q-1 at gelm.net
Wed Oct 13 22:15:57 CDT 2004

Wes Johnston wrote:
> I know this is an age old problem... my laptop has one serial port, I have a TNC
> and a GPS.  Does anyone have any suggestion for a PCMCIA serial card that has
> drivers for linux?  I've found Eiger labs cards on EBAY, but can't confirm that
> they will work under linux.
> HSP cable is not an option for me, since the GPS must remain in Garmin Host mode
> and is not streaming data all the time.
> Wes

 Hi, Wes:

 I purchased a
2 Port Serial 32 FIFO PCMCIA CardBus Card for Laptop Computers
Product Number:50315534 Brand: StarTech.com (CB2S650)  $65.83
from CompUSA. Although many retailers of this pcmcia card claim
it works with win9x & ME, it does not.  It requires Win2k or XP.
I booted my Slackware v9.1 laptop and it recognized the device
and assigned it to ttyS4 & ttyS5.  However, I have yet to 
actually use it to communicate with my TNC (MFJ1270).

Hotplug finds the device just fine, so if you are using a
recent kernel/distribution, you will not need to obtain a driver.
I'll try to post my linux results in the next few days.

l8r, Chuck

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