[aprssig] Bogus ssid's

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Oct 14 01:39:58 CDT 2004

Should be easy to find the D700 with UIFLOOD set to NOID:

In APRSdos do a JUST-MOBILES so only mobiles are shown
then look at just those that are on the air NOW.  DO this
during non-commute hours and there wont be many on,
so it should be quite easy to guess at one or two.  THen
do some testing by sending your path via a fixed path to
get to that digi with a WIDE1-1 followed b y another specific
hop to get it back to you... If the SSID is decremented, you
found it..

>>> awolfe at Route24.net 10/13/04 4:52:37 PM >>>
     East central Illinois and western Indiana have been plagued by
changing the SSID's on repeated packets for several months now. When I
the Heard-list, usually 10 to 15 percent of the stations are bogus. 
According to Mr. Bob, it is someone with a D700 set up incorrectly
this. The spurious SSID's usually follow the correct one, decremented
one.  -15 becomes -14, etc. I have watched W9DF-15 come across, then
bounced back and forth all the way to W9DF-9 in a few seconds for
    In trying to see what was going on, I changed my path from Wide to

Trace, as some of my reports were being changed. It was then that I
that packets with Trace never seem to get mangled. Maybe we should all
Trace instead of Wide?
    We have yet to figure out who is changing the SSID's but usually
come through Lafayette, Indiana.
    Does anyone know how we can ID the culprit and get this fixed?

Al, K9SI

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