[aprssig] D7

Robbie - WA9INF mwrobertson at comcast.net
Thu Oct 14 22:39:30 CDT 2004


Not true.. I use my D-7 quite a lot with both A and B listening to two 
different 2 meter frequencies, <g>

I have my A set to the repeater's output, and then hit the A/B button to 
make B primary, now hit the Function and then the A/B button, and you 
now have both A and B on 2 meters, I then tune in to the repeaters input 
to see if I am close the the user.. Or, keep my aprs running on 144.390 
and have B side on my favorite 2 meter repeater! Works fine..

To go back to normal A/B or vhf/uhf, just hit Func and then A/B

This only works for VHF/VHF however...


Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> Christensen, Eric wrote on 10/14/2004, 6:39 PM:
>  > Explain how you can't scan both 2m and 70cm at the same time?  I do on
>  > my D700A...
>  >
>  > 73s,
>  > Eric KF4OTN
> There is a fundamental difference between the D700 and the TH-D7 handheld.
> The D700 has TWO dual-band receivers. Either or both of them can be 
> tuned to either band;  i.e. you can listen VHF/UHF, VHF/VHF or UHF/UHF. 
> You can have the left side set to 144.39 and the right side set to 
> another 2M freq truly simultaneously.
> The TH-D7 has two SINGLE-band receivers.  You can monitor one freq on 2M 
> (probably 144.39) and another freq on UHF (and even operate full duplex 
> transmitting on one band and receiving on the other) --but-- you cannot 
> simultaneously listen to 2 different frequencies ON THE SAME BAND.

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