[aprssig] UNPROTO 6 character alpha-numeric ?

Robbie - WA9INF mwrobertson at comcast.net
Thu Oct 14 22:59:56 CDT 2004


A very good way to learn about the workings of aprs packets is in the 
aprs specs101, and particular to your question, chapter 4. Those first 6 
charcters give you a lot of info. What equipment is being used, what 
software and version, kind of car, van, or truck, like GPSLJ means he is 
running GPS and driving a Jeep. TT2??? is a user of a TinyTrak and so forth.

Good Luck


nc8q-1 wrote:
> Howdy:
>  What is the significance of the 6 character UNPROTO
> string?
> example:                     vvvvvv 
> 2004-10-11 14:50:37 KC8KEY-1>S9RS9U,W8MWO,KC8QBL-3* <UI R>:
> Best regards, Chuck
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