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You *can* monitor two different frequencies on the same band, but it can be 
a bit confusing.
For example, if you're using it in MR (memory) mode, and you have your 'B' 
side pointing at channel 1, which is a 2m frequency, it'll work fine 
(regardless of what your 'A' side is doing). But if you hit the channel 
up/down buttons to scroll through the channels, it will *only* hit the 2m 
ones, and skip over the 70cm ones. Same holds if you hold MR to go into 
scanning mode.
If you decide you want to use the 70cm channels, you need to manually select 
one (MR, ENT, ch #). So you can select channel 20 (for example), which is a 
70cm frequency, and it'll switch right over. Now up/down/scan will *only* 
show the 70cm channels.

In VFO mode, you can also enter both 2m, both 70cm or one of each.

What you *can't* do is *scan* both 2m & 70cm on either side. That's what the 
original query was.


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> Christensen, Eric wrote on 10/14/2004, 6:39 PM:
> > Explain how you can't scan both 2m and 70cm at the same time?  I do on
> > my D700A...
> >
> > 73s,
> > Eric KF4OTN
> There is a fundamental difference between the D700 and the TH-D7 handheld.
> The D700 has TWO dual-band receivers. Either or both of them can be
> tuned to either band;  i.e. you can listen VHF/UHF, VHF/VHF or UHF/UHF.
> You can have the left side set to 144.39 and the right side set to
> another 2M freq truly simultaneously.
> The TH-D7 has two SINGLE-band receivers.  You can monitor one freq on 2M
> (probably 144.39) and another freq on UHF (and even operate full duplex
> transmitting on one band and receiving on the other) --but-- you cannot
> simultaneously listen to 2 different frequencies ON THE SAME BAND.

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