[aprssig] ARRL Digital Communication Study

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Oct 15 07:38:34 CDT 2004

The best way to do this is to have ONE submission for
each state.  Please sign up to do a STATE and tell me.
I am doing the Maryland Submission.  de WB4APR, Bob

>>> bruninga at usna.edu 10/15/04 8:01:53 AM >>>
Apparently the ARRL is making a Digital Comms Study.

Is APRS represented?  Is someone taking this on?
We need someone to dig into this and give a consolidated
APRS response.  SHould be trivial to simply get a list of
all 10,000 or so stations from FINDU as ACTIVE stations
ON THE AIR.  I simply am swamped and cant...

Yes, the study is only focused on "digital email" systems
but APRS does do "email" albeit in very small pieces,
but our network is unbelievably diverse, established,
active, available, and pervasive.  It must be represented.

de Wb4APR, Bob

> Notes: This is the committee that recommended "Winlink 2000" to the 
> ARRL Board of Directors.   I currently show 1028 gateways 
> registered in the database.
> -------------------------------------------
> ARRL Digital Communications Study (DCTI)
> October 2004
> The ARRL Ad-Hoc Committee on ARES Communications 
> (ARESCOM) is seeking your assistance to document what 
> digital communications systems are in use today on the VHF 
> and UHF bands. While the majority of digital communications 
> is overwhelmingly packet radio, there are many different packet 
> systems in use, and they are interconnected using many 
> different methods. Continuing the Board of Directors' resolution 
> for deployment of e-mail via Amateur Radio (as exemplified by 
> Winlink 2000), the purpose of this initiative is to gather input on 
> existing systems.  The goal of this phase is to gather information 
> on existing packet systems.
> We are seeking input from packet System Administrators, 
> not individual  users, as we need information on how the packet 
> nodes are linked and what connectivity methods the packet 
> systems use with systems outside their coverage area.
> We are seeking input as soon as possible. Data collection will
>  end December 31, 2004.
> What we are looking for is detailed information on current packet
> infrastructure. It is completely appropriate for one person to
> on behalf of several System Operators if they all agree to that 
> course of action. We simply ask that the names and call signs of 
> all involved be listed.
> To participate please download the form found online at
> http://www.arrl.org/digtest/TestSurvey.pdf or at
> http://www.arrl.org/digtest/TestSurvey.doc.
> Use it by recording all applicable information and submit these
> online to dcti at arrl.org or through the US postal service to:
> ATTN: DCTI Study
> 225 Main Street
> Newington, CT 06111
> To share questions, comments, input and ideas, please subscribe 
> to the DCTI Reflector at DCTI-subscribe at yahoogroups.com.
> As always, your help with this and all ARRL programs is sincerely
> appreciated.
> 73,
> The ARRL Ad-Hoc Committee on ARES Communications (ARESCOM)

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