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[aprssig] PCsat recovered!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Oct 16 16:59:31 UTC 2004

To use PCsat, just QSY your mobile APRS station from
144.39 to 145.825 during a pass.  See what you will see...

Update on PCsat:

>... I noticed +150 mA from the NON-WORKING -Z panel...
> on 144.39 Look for packets ending in ...,xx00,1. 
> such as....


OOps..  That is the A side.  To see the -Z panel
telemetry it has to be from the PCSAT-11 TNC, not
W3ADO-1.  And I just went back through the last
30 days from FINDU.COM and can't find any that
show anything different than the nominal count of
"41 to 44" in that telemetry channel....  So
the -Z current I got Friday may have been a just fluke...

In the example above, the "085" is the +Z current.  
If this were a PCSAT-11 packet then this would be the -Z current.

Thanks Bob

Check out the pcsat web page:


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