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[APRSSIG] Time to Clean Up the Satellites on APRS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Oct 18 17:52:05 UTC 2004

>>> "Curt, WE7U" <archer at eskimo.com> 10/18/04 12:20:19 PM >>>
>> IMO, these should only include the FM birds used for 
>> APRS and not any of the SSB Voice birds.
>Why... restrict APRS objects to just those birds useful for
>APRS?  That part doesn't make sense to me.  Ham radio 
>is more than APRS, but APRS is useful to complement 
>those other activities.

What he meant was FM birds.  Not just "APRS" birds.
The resason not to  put out the SSB birds is because 
of the point of deminishing returns.
- This is an APRS service for APRS mobiles
- Fixed stations with PC's dont need it as they can run
  any kind of satellite tracking program
- 99% or more of the mobiles only have FM
- Most all of the non FM birds require gain antennas

So serving the FM birds serves 100% of the APRS
mobiles that are interested.  Doubling the channel
loading to serve also the SSB birds that can only be
used by 1% of the mobiles seems like QRM to the
other 99%.

Or something like that...
de Wb4APR, Bob

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