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[aprssig] What are the ID rules on HF

WB4GQK at aol.com WB4GQK at aol.com
Tue Oct 19 13:09:12 UTC 2004

Hi All,

This caught me by surprise, I guess I need to review the rules on 
identification for stations Xmiting on HF. Obviously the WX data came thru fine but I 
never saw any identification line defining what station call sign was in charge. 
The other 5 WX stations I copy provide a station ID at least every 3rd 
transmission. On my msg list I see my station ACK the message. 

I'm curious since this is the first time a "remote WX station" tried to 
contact me.

OMYA>APW272,ECHO*,GATE,WIDE:=2645.96N/07719.60WiPHG9260/MacAPRS  2.7.2 
OMYA>APW272,ECHO*,GATE,WIDE:=2645.96N/07719.60WiPHG9260/MacAPRS  2.7.2 
OMYA>APW272,ECHO*,GATE,WIDE::WB4GQK   :Gud morn pse let me knw if u recvg me 

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