[aprssig] Fwd: PCsat Demo Success.

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Oct 19 09:46:21 CDT 2004

Thanks to all the stations that checked in via PCsat
during my Satellite Telemetry Class this morning.  We saw
26 stations total, 9 mobiles, 4 non-APRS.  And at LOS,
the ISS came into view and we picked up some more.
Longest path was 1827 miles.   Here is the log:

KG4JAM    I-GATE Aurora, IL QTH {UIV32N}
FG5FU     Near Basse Terre,  FK96dx {UISS33}
           Hello To All !!!!  de Rony in Guadeloupe Island F.W.I
KB0OFD-10 73's Gary, Forsyth,MO, EM36kq  (Ozarks)
K5QXJ-1   go navy de nick
W3ADO     FM19sa/- Command  Station...
N1TKK     PHG6030/Hector in Puerto Rico - email: n1tk
VE3FFR    (UIV32N)
VA2LT     va2lt at videotron.ca {UIV32N}
KB1GVR    FN54 Coast of Maine... Hi Glenn
VE3TZS    ve3tzs at mac.com -361-<136>
VO2RS     73 from Goose Bay, Canada
N2ONU     Valley Stream, Long Island, NY       n2on
KG4QMI    hello de Ed in NC - FM16/monitoring 50.125
WB4APR-9  059/000/D-700/M5/Special.../sat test! sittin in pkng lot
KC8RWD-14 150/002/D-700/M0/Off duty../A=000128 ]KC8RWD at arrl.net 
RS0ISS-3  000/000/D-700/M2/In Service ]APRS/BBS & PACKET ON
AC4YC-1   000/000/D-700/M2/In Service ]Bill in Somerset, Kentucky
K5VAS-1   000/000/TH-D7/M2/In Service :]Walter, Hou.Tx.
KB2M-7    000/000/D-700/M0/Off duty.. ]www.qsl.net/kb2m
K5WH-14   013/000/D-700/C1/Custom   1/A=000040
KG4QWC-3  000/000/TH-D7/M2/In Service KG4QWC at ARRL.NET 
N2OGB-7   360/000/D-700/M1/Enroute.../A=000046 Ron in Kingston

KB1GUE    /back on packet
N8ORJ-5   /]-[hello Navy  GO Air Force N8ORJ@
N2ONU     /KG4QMI  Hi Ed....   de Stan
KC2ILA    /kb2m

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