[aprssig] RE::What are the ID rules on HF

WB4GQK at aol.com WB4GQK at aol.com
Tue Oct 19 15:43:36 CDT 2004

Hi John et All,

I should have guessed it was C6AGH's station. I know Earl likes to tinker so 
I can guess something went wrong.

The station looked like it was in the Abacos but I just didn't have precise 
Lat/Lon coordinates available. I save the Station list every Sunday morning and 
start with a clean slate. As a consequence it takes a few minutes to recall 
data. I did not have C6AGH's posit data showing in the list since that time, 
otherwise I would have spotted it. being in the same location.

Yes, the tower is back up. Had to replace 2 ten ft sections that were twisted 
and I thought I had straightened the base of the top section but there is the 
slightest bend in that section. Wasn't noticeable on the ground but once 
erected you can see a very slight tilt of that top section. Not exactly perfect 
but it works.

73 de Jim

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