[aprssig] Great example of a path

aa8ei at cinci.rr.com aa8ei at cinci.rr.com
Tue Oct 19 17:54:40 CDT 2004

Actually, Jason, the email address was unknown, and often hams don't put 
the email address on QRZ. BUT - the school can easily be found by phone, 
and once the phone number is known, the proper person contacted.

You did the exact correct thing. You did the search, found the email 
address, and contacted the necessary party. But if you had no email 
address, the next best option was likely the phone call. Probably the best 
option is a followup phone call to address any other questions that the ham 
might not know enough to frame.  By chatting about his station, you might 
uncover additional help you can give.

In any case, a response was required, not just complaints on the sig. 
Several people responded, including the person who contacted the guy by 
phone. Good work.

That takes care of one of the sources of problems. Now, go on to solve the 
rest of them (I remember at least two, but the subject comes up often).

As I said, it probably will require and Elmer locally to do the assistance 
in a way that gets results. You successfully Elmer'd the situation from a 
distance. Congratulations.


>Very nice guy to deal with.  I don't understand the whole "we gotta call the
>school" campaign.  I don't see how its so unbleievable that an email can solve
>the issue.  Some people just go around looking for fights.

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