[aprssig] first.aprs.net

Gerry Creager n5jxs gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Fri Oct 22 15:44:08 CDT 2004

I'm happy to report that after a period of testing, trial and 
tribulation, first.aprs.net is alive.  The machine name is 
'aprs.tamu.edu' and is referenced in the DNS with a cname of 
'first.aprs.net'.  For those who really like numeric addresses, it's

The system's configured in the same manner as the other Core servers, 
with one minor exception: port 14578 provides a filtered port 
essentially for Texas.  Those of you from Texas understand why.  Y'all 
who aren't from Texas may not know.:=)

The system is currently lightly loaded, with only 55 connections.  We 
don't anticipate any additional downtime or problems.

The Core Servers represent the top tier of APRS-IS distribution.  These 
servers are located at sites with excellent bandwidth and tend to be in 
data centers or controlled machine rooms with conditioned power and 
thermal environs.  The core sysops are also pretty experienced network 
and systems administrators, and can usually find and fix problems pretty 

I'd also like to take time to recognize the efforts of the Tier-2 
systems and system adminstrators.  The combined efforts of the Core 
sysops and Tier-2 sysops has led to a stable system capable of relaying 
a lot of APRS data, messages, weather and warnings reliably and rapidly 
to our users.

73, gerry
Sysop: First.aprs.net, findu2
Gerry Creager -- gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Network Engineering -- AATLT, Texas A&M University	
Cell: 979.229.5301 Office: 979.458.4020
FAX:  979.847.8578 Pager:  979.228.0173
Office: 903A Eller Bldg, TAMU, College Station, TX 77843

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