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[aprssig] UI-VIEW map question

Ken Brown W2KB at comcast.net
Sun Oct 24 16:17:35 UTC 2004

The UIView bearings are true north. I also believe speeds will be sent by
the GPS as knots, even if the GPS is configured to display mph.  For
example, I had the D7(G) in a Cessna 172 flight yesterday and the Garmin
GPSIII+ was set to knots to be compatible with the plane's airspeed
indicator so my posits ( W2KB-7 ) were sent as knots.  Software, such as the
UIView data my home station collected tracking me yesterday, converts it to
mph and displays the groundspeed accordingly.  I would need to divide the
UIView speed datum points by 1.15 to get mph, but for practical purposes I
can't think of a reason to do so very often, if ever.

73, ---Ken

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I am seeing bearings in UI-VIEW, are they true ? or do I apply mag variation

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