[aprssig] APRSD Quirks

Max Philippens (PD0SBH) pd0sbh at amsat.org
Mon Oct 25 05:48:52 CDT 2004

Hi all,

I'm having some trouble with APRSD on my Linux Slackware 10 machine. The
problems are as follows:

When running aprsd-2.2.5-14 everything seems to work OK but when looking at
the HTTP status page the first half hour or so the client connections are
shown correctly. After about half an hour the connection disappears from the
status page while the client is still connected and receives data. When the
connection is shown everything (transmitting as well) works fine, when the
connection isn't shown anymore the client still receives data but
transmitted data isn't send out by APRSD.

Reconnecting the client has no effect. Only stopping and restarting APRSD
will make the connection appear again, for the first half hour or so.

When running aprsd-2.2.5-15 aprsd just stops after a while. No error
message, no log messages it's just gone. Restarting it makes it work again
for a few hours.

The problems with APRSD-2.2.5-15 have always been there. This was the reason
I was still running 2.2.5-14. The disappearing client connections in
2.2.5-14 seem to have begun when I tried to install the latest CVS version
(2.2.6). I immediately went back to the 2.2.5-14 version because support for
Linux Kernel ax25 has been removed (again) from the new CVS version!

Anybody got any idea what's wrong and what to do about it?

73, Max PD0SBH

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