[aprssig] worst path of the day

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Oct 26 09:08:40 CDT 2004

>> And the winner for the worst path of the day is...

ANd I love this one (taken OUT OF CONTEXT)...

>Because they're stupid.  Real stupid.  They don't have the smarts
>embedded in them to do anything else.  If you want something that
>can make decisions like that you have to add quite a bit more....

Of course he is talking about TNC's at simple DIGIS, but sometimes, 
one wonders why we have such difficulty since every TNC also
has a human brain behind it.  What is so hard to understand

"Use a short path for the sake of everyone else.
Anything beyond a few hops as a routine in most areas
is not needed, is not welcome and only kills the reliability
of others."

This gets back to my original design goal of APRS to have the
software WARN the user when he choses an inappropriate
path.  Unfortunately some of the more popular APRS clones 
do not put any "guidance" checking on the user's path setting.

I objected to this to the author, but he did not want to 
include any warnings to his users.  I just could not fathom
why not...

de Wb4APR, Bob

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