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[aprssig] FW:

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Tue Oct 26 21:16:28 UTC 2004

Sorry I thought i subscribed to aprssig not aprssigusa what is GA ?

For people outside of the USA (aka the world)
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  This is from a user in south Ga that will be running his tinytrak on his
ultralight aircraft...

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  I will be playing around with APRS again this weekend. I might go up with
it after work today, if I have time. I have made some changes to my setup
and so it should be easier to track me on the internet after I made some
config changes on the TNC. Here is a link that will allow you to track me.
Note I have changed my aeronautical mobile call to W4GHW-2.


  Gregory H. Walls
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