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[aprssig] Worst Path of the Day

Phillip B. Pacier ad6nh at arrl.net
Wed Oct 27 14:58:31 UTC 2004

That also brings up the problem of IGates themselves.  Bob is correct - 
it is very easy to setup and IGate.  Some software comes default with 
the IGate settings turned on when you connect to the internet, and hence 
you'll have 4 or 5 RF gates serving the same piece of property.  There 
is a general need for education in all areas of APRS.  I have had a lot 
of success educating users about the use of the internet servers and the 
14580 filter port.  It takes time and patience, but little by little, 
you receive the appreciation.  I learned a long time ago that it will 
never be 100% - meaning there will always be someone out there running 
WIDE7-7 no matter how much "schooling" he/she has had.

Don't give up on education, just do your best to be courteous and helpful!

Phil - AD6NH

Jason Winningham wrote:

> It seems to me that the best option is for APRS applications to 
> educate (and maybe bludgeon) the user who tries to set a bad path.  
> This, of course, assumes that the operator is willing to listen and 
> learn.  I agree with Curt that sometimes a path that is frowned upon 
> for general operation could be necessary.
> It also seems that the IGate would be the best place for any sort of 
> enforcement.  I suspect that IGates are the immediate target of paths 
> that are too long, so appropriate enforcement may be if an IGate 
> messaged Mr. WIDE7-7,RELAY and started dropping his packets (maybe 
> after a grace period, maybe not).  IGates would also have the smarts 
> for this, so we don't have to mess with the digis, dumb or not.
> -Jason
> kg4wsv
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