[aprssig] Worst Path of the Day

Wed Oct 27 10:28:29 CDT 2004

We might have a deal...  Let me get my HTML skills back up and running
good and I'll volunteer to answer email if I can get someone to second


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On 10/27/04 at 10:48 AM Christensen, Eric <CHRISTENSENE at MAIL.ECU.EDU>

>The problem is that user education is not working.
>What we need is the big stick to let these folks know that it is not 
>okay to use these kinds of paths.

findU, and more importantly my time, will not be your big stick (unless
you are willing to pay for my time at its usual rate ;-). 

If you think this is such a problem, then do what I suggested in my last
email...create a web site that explains the problem in easy to
understand language (Bob's "save 144.39" page is impossible to
understand for a novice), include instructions for changing path in all
popular APRS programs, and volunteer to handle all emails that get sent
to me regarding paths. Do this, and I will add a link near the top of
the page of offending web sites when my schedule permits.

It is very easy to volunteer someone else's time, but you have no right
to do so!

Steve K4HG

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