[aprssig] The New N-N paradigm CAN WORK

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 27 13:31:55 CDT 2004

Again, my proposal how to FIX APRS locally:

(This has been referred to as the "New N-N Paradigm")
The days of WIDEn-N everywhere are OVER.  Out of area 
packets are killing the ability for APRS to perform locally 
with any reliability and throughput in many areas.

The fix to the abuse of WIDE7-7 etc in areas that cannot
tolerate it is to remove WIDEn-N completely where it cannot
work.  Here is the simplicity of the recommendation:

     * ALL digis support RELAY and WIDE, with callsign 
       substitution (and SS for state )
     * All packets should start with RELAY, or WIDE, or SS 
       or XXXX as long as XXXX is supported in the UITRACE 
       of digis in that area.

     * Add "WIDE2-2" to the UIDIGI list of substituable aliases
     * Remove WIDEn-N entirely from the UIFLOOD digi parameter.
     * Replace with a local LANn-N name for the area:
       example MDn-N for Maryland maybe.
     * Replace TRACEn-N with another local
       useful N path such as a linear LINKn-N system
       or on border digis with the next state's LANn-N
       such as PAn-N for Maryland digis near PA, etc

WIDE OPEN AREAS that can support WIDEn-N
     * Change UITRACE to WIDEn-N so that these
       long paths are fully traceable
     * Change UIFLOOD to LANn-N for the geneeral
       local area

MOBILES:  All mobiles everywhere can still use the
   original APRS default of RELAY,WIDE2-2 to get out
   up to 3 hops *everywhere*.  If they are in an area
    that does not support WIDEn-N, then those digis
   will simply do call substitution on the WIDE2-2 part
   for a 2 hop path.
   If they are in WIDEn-N land, their packet will go
   three hops and they can change N to greater than 2.

   If they are a commuter in Alabama, for example,
   they can also use RELAY,AL2-2 for example...
   to get 3 hops or more.

FIXED STATIONS:  Fixed stations should use LANn-N
   for their local region.  Where LANn-N  is self limiting.
   Since it only works in the surrounding digis, even if
   it is 4-4, it can't propogate far out of area...

This is a workable solution, that takes LOCAL control
of the problem, yet allows up to  3 hops for ALL mobiles
using the path of RELAY,WIDE2-2.  Notice, that
RELAY,WIDEn-N will only work for non-2 values of
N in areas that can support it.  But it will still get at least
two hops in areas that cannot.

I think this gives everyone a workable solution and
the mobiles get back to a universal path that works

AND it gives local DIGI owners the entire flexibility
to implement it instantly on their own in their own area
to get the network to work for THEM in their LOCAL 

For details see:



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