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[aprssig] RE: aprssig Digest, Vol 4, Issue 28

john van sandt n9yrx at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 27 19:03:58 UTC 2004

Steve K4HG sez:

"........For the first year, that comes to over $11k, I'll round down and 
for that
amount...my paypal account is k4hg at tapr.org ... as soon as you deposit
$11,000 I'll get to work.

THAT is all you have to do!

Steve K4HG"

     I think this has been said before and was overlooked by everyone.  When 
you see an excessive path, call/e-mail/visit (or even use HAM radio voice?)  
ie. communicate on a personal one on one basis the need for reducing the 
path.  I know if I was showing up like a sore thumb which caused a stranger 
to call, it would give cause for me to at least think about what I was 
doing.  If two or more called, I would likely do more than think.  Trying to 
automate a limited path by Steve or anyone else is just going to provide a 
challenge to someone to defeat the system...A lot like trying to legislate 
morality....won't work in the long run.
  In short do something constructive that may even make a 
friend...Call...make yourself avaliable...do unto others and do it fast 
before they can do it to you...or something like that.

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