[aprssig] Re: Worst Path of the Day

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 27 13:59:44 CDT 2004

>>> wa7nwp at jnos.org 10/27/04 2:11:02 PM >>>
>> "This position arrived at FINDU via a path that is too long and
>> considered in appropriate on the APRS RF system." 

>Path is too long for where?   A path that's too long for Seattle
>is appropriate and necessary in Montana.   It's a regional problem.

Then fix the regional problem by adding an IGate (trivial to do)
between every 3rd digi.  With the mountains out there, I find
it hard to believe that it would not be easy to have an
IGate within 3 hops of every digi in the state..

Remember, this does not restrict RF users.  It only is a warning
to users trying to use FINDU (typically blind trackers) who dont
even see any on -air packets and are blind to the problems they
are causing.  So it is only the APRS-IS users that are being
so warned..


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