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[aprssig] The New N-N paradigm CAN WORK

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Oct 28 12:48:12 UTC 2004

>>> rtg at aapsc.com 10/28/04 12:53:45 AM >>>
>Well, yes, It could work, but it will take much coordination 
>to define the LANn-N areas...

No, not really.  Each digi owner just decides what LANn-N
his digi is part of and changes it immediately.  No coordination

> and travelling users will have to pay attention to where
>they are and keep adjusting their path accordingly. 

Not at all.  RELAY,WIDE2-2 would work everywhere.

>People who live near LAN boundaries will have to choose 
>whether their packets will go one way or the other.  

No, since they are fixed stations, they can choose 
DIGI1, WIDE and go 2 hops in all directions.  In a dense
area, there is no reason to go further as that is beyond
his local area and he should not be going any further
anyway...  If he is in a sparse area, he can go as far
as he wants using WIDEn-N since those digis will still
allow it.

>I see work, confusion, and frustration for all.

I see:

1) a universal MOBILE path that will get back to the
original intent of APRS to work everywhere

2) An educated approach to fixed stations where the
owner operator is required to at least "understand"
the simplest issues about his local network and how
it works and what his use of APRS is for in his area.

>If instead, you give each digi operator the capability to 
>define their own service area, and encourage them to 
>simply drop any packets originating outside that area, 
>you make obnoxious DXing on APRS impossible..

Two comments:

1) t is my WORST NIGHTMARE!  That would killl APRS
because it makes operation ambiguous, arbitrary, locally
dependent, and impossible to use for emergent requirements.
That is the disaster we have now with some areas disabling
RELAY, others disabling WIDE, etc.    The only filtering
I will support is one-on-one bud-listing of consistent 
individual abusers...

2) It is easy for you to say to just "drop" bad packets,
but 90% of all digis are KPC-3's and there is no way to
do that.  Your statement is like saying the way to make
money is to buy low and sell high.  Easy to say, but
can't happen for a dozen years until all KPC-3's are
made obsolete.

>the users can still use a 'mostly universal' RELAY, WIDE2-2 
>path, and we solve the problem without adversely imnpacting 
>anyone's daily operations.  Just a one-time investment of time, 
>and then only by the programmers and digi operators.

Yes, I agree completely with the above paragraph because
that is all a local DIGI owner has to do to:
1)  Change his WIDEn-N to a LOCALn-N or other LANn-N name.
2)  and consider the other options I outlined... if needed.

>an if the truckers who travel the wide open spaces of the
>est need to run WIDE7-7 to get into an igate on some parts of their
they can do so, and their packets won't flood the LA basin when
'only' five hops away.

Rick Green

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little
 temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
                                  -Benjamin Franklin

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