[aprssig] The New N-N paradigm CAN WORK

Cap Pennell cap at cruzio.com
Thu Oct 28 08:36:44 CDT 2004

Mr Programmer, as a simple non-discriminatory educational operating aid,
could we consider testing a helpful notice to appear along with the other
useful info already showing at map.findu.com?  For stations setting abusive
digipath or transmission interval parameters on VHF, adding something like
"Broad digipath. VHF is limited."  or  "Frequent packets for VHF digipath."

There are no more "wide open spaces of the west need to run WIDE7-7 to get
into an igate".  Only WIDE2-2 or TRACE2-2 alone reaches an IGate in most of
the Western US, even without using RELAY.  That third hop with it's
additional likelihood of introducing duplicate VHF packets is not usually
helpful or courteous any more, even for most mobiles.  In the mountainous
West, three digi hops often covers 400 miles (but the IGates are less than
200 miles apart).
73, Cap KE6AFE

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> And if the truckers who travel the wide open spaces of the
> west need to run WIDE7-7 to get into an igate on some parts of their run,
> they can do so, and their packets won't flood the LA basin when they're
> 'only' five hops away.
> --
> Rick Green

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