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Thu Oct 28 19:37:51 CDT 2004

And my point was that a lot of transmit-only trackers aren't likely to
receive any friendly messages you might send them about their path settings.
The OpenTracker defaults to RELAY,WIDE - I haven't added any excessive path
warnings, but I'll probably do that soon.


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Hello Joe,
The rest of my post would have given more intent of my
post.  The answer that you have given me is that
tracker operators do look for the data somewhere to
show their postion, progress on a trip or some other
reason(s).  You have a web page dedicated to your boat
for your APRS use.

That way they will see if a WIDE 2-2 path is enough to
reach an Igate or if they need to incrementally
increase the path by one or two.

But, to set up a transmitter to WIDE 7-7 is completely
overkill and that was the reason for my post.


--- Joe Della Barba <joe at dellabarba.com> wrote:

> > Why do tracker guys just have trackers?  Who is
> > looking at their data?
> >
> > Chris
> > KB8UIH
> >
>  See
> http://www.dellabarba.com/sailing/findcoquina1.html
> for one example of
> this.
> 73 de N3HGB
> Joe Della Barba

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