[aprssig] Worst Path of the Day

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Oct 29 18:47:15 CDT 2004

>>> "Curt, WE7U" <archer at eskimo.com> 10/29/04 7:32:40 PM >>>
>> In my opinion, (as APRSdos does it), the user gets the warning
>> EVERYTIME his station transmits EACH packet.  Yes, he can
>> use a long path if it is needed, but he must acknowledge the
>> warning on EVERY transmission...

>That's actually not that hard for us to change.  I see the utility
>n that.  Perhaps I'll tweak it this weekend to be a bit more

Actually, my warning just puts a big red warning box in the
middle of his map and BEEPS once.  He does not have to
acknowledge it.  But he has to re-draw his map if
he wants to see what's under it...  So its does not prohibit
his transmission if he is away from his operating position, but
he can hear the beep in the same room and has to clear
it to see his map.

That way if he is having an emergency , his packets still
get out while he is off lending first aid or something...
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