[aprssig] Handheld Expedition comms via ECHO?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Oct 30 19:36:28 CDT 2004

For remote expeditions to communicate via Satellite:

>NO-44 is ... less than dependable these days, and I'm not 
>sure ISS is usable at high latitudes. [where] sleds and skis 
>[are used] Iwouldn't count on it.

That is why I look forward to the day when the APRS digi
on ECHO is enabled.  ECHO has four (4) receivers, and
two of them are typically always on for packet.  (The others
are used for the FM voice repeater and Command Stations).

So of the two 9600 baud digital receivers on ECHO that are
*dedicated* to the BBS, one of them could simultaneously
be authorized for the occassional APRS uplink from such
as this expedition.   Although this is 9600 baud, rememebr
that all the expedition needs to get an APRS message,
Posit or Email out at 9600 baud is to use the totally self-
contained TH-D7 (g) model APRS ht.  

Remember, it operates at both 1200 and 9600 baud!  Kenwood
put  the 9600 baud into the HT just so that it would be
compatible with Amateur Sateliltes.  But so far, only UO-22
ever enabled its digipeater for 9600 baud APRS operations.    
Its a shame that we have this beautiful ECHO satelite that has 
4 receivers and 2 transmitters and that can SIMULTANEOUSLY 
be used in PACSAT-BBS mode, FM REPEATER mode 
*and* APRS digipeater mode at the same time.

But enabling the digipeater has just not been a priority so far
in the life of ECHO.  I am not complaining, but I think that most
people don't realize the POTENTIAL we have for GLOBAL
handheld digital messaging right-now with the TH-D7(g) 9600
baud packet HT and ECHO...

Just key in a message OR EMAIL on the TTpad, wait for
ECHO to fly over.  Then hit the message SEND button
a few times.  When you see MY MESSAGE on the front
of the HT, then that tells you that ECHO digipeated your
message and everyone else saw it to (including the global
APRS infrastructure) that will deliver it to the intended
recepient in real time (or by Email)...

All we need is for one of the 2 dedicated ECHO digital uplink
receviers to allow APRS uplinks and for the software to enable

Maybe by next March/April the ECHO team will have enabled
this feature...

de Wb4APR, Bob

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