[aprssig] APRS on expedition, but non ham?

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Sat Oct 30 21:38:51 CDT 2004

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>>>> wolf.hoeller at gmx.net 10/30/04 6:02:46 PM >>>
>>I'm trying to find a solution to put APRS on an expedition
>>to Franz-Josefs-Land - b... to track them on findu.com or...
>>via PCSat NO-44.

If these folks are going to have GPS and Sat phone, they can give their 
coordinates to who-ever they are checking in with and those folks could 
input these coordinates into a program such as AFilter and send their 
positions to APRS.
If they are worried about being hams, FireNet has port 3272 open for 
non-hams.  These would not be "real-time"
position reports but would be as good, and probably better, than trying to 
get in a satellite shot at an amateur satellite passing by if it passed by 
at all within range of low power equipment.

73, Jim, WA6OFT

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