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[aprssig] Help needed in Florida

Spider spider at rivcom.net
Sun Sep 5 18:04:26 UTC 2004

I received a call from DHS, FEMA Region X....they are looking for 1000
people to help.  I know many of you are CERT Trained and may be able to

I have the sign-up forms if you qualify.......Let me know ASAP.  Currently
FEMA is NOT taking calls but can accept emails or faxes.  Figure you will be
deployed for over 2 weeks.  See below...

Jim Wooddell

Coordinator, LP CNTY CCP


As you are aware, the Department of Homeland Security/FEMA is responding to
its second major hurricane to hit Florida in the past several weeks, and we
need your help.  Hurricane Frances is approximately 2 ½ times the size of
Hurricane Charley.  It is expected to hit Florida and, potentially other
states, resulting in devastating damages.  FEMA Response and Recovery
operations are a top priority of the Department of Homeland Security.  FEMA
is asking us to contact and tap our State and local Citizen Corps Councils,
our affiliates and program partners to find volunteers who could serve as
Hurricane Frances Community Relations Officers.

You are being requested to immediately seek volunteers among your State and
Local Citizen Corps Councils for a two-week minimum field assignment as a
Community Relations Field Officer.  WE NEED 1000 COMMUNITY RELATIONS
WITHIN Citizen Corps and Hurricane Frances


Requirements for individuals:

  a.. Must be sponsored by your State or Local Citizen Corps Council.
  b.. Must be a United States Citizen with no prior felony convictions and
the ability to successfully complete a government background check.
  c.. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  d.. Must be physically able to work in a disaster area without
refrigeration for medications and have the ability to work in the outdoors
all day.
  e.. Must be willing to work long hours under arduous conditions (e.g.,
individuals may reside in an emergency worker tent city rather than a hotel
during their assignment.)
  f.. Workers may be exposed to mold, high heat and humidity and insects.
  g.. Must be willing to work in vicinity of disaster debris, damaged
facilities and related adverse conditions.
  h.. This assignment is temporary and is a paid assignment.
  i.. Must not self-deploy.  Individuals who self-deploy will not be

Role of Community Relations Officer:

  a.. Establish and maintain positive working relationships with disaster
affected communities and the citizens of those communities
  b.. Collect and disseminate information and make referrals for appropriate
  c.. Identification of potential issues within the community and reporting
to appropriate persons
  d.. Convey a positive image of disaster operations to government
officials, community organizations and the general public
  e.. Perform outreach with community leaders on available Federal disaster

Role of State or Local Citizen Corps Council:

  a.. Recruit qualified individuals from existing Citizen Corps volunteer
rolls. (e.g. CERT, VIPS, MRCs, other local Citizen Corps groups)
  b.. Provide names of qualified volunteers to the FEMA Region 5 ROC

Upon arrival at the Mobilization Center in Atlanta, GA, the recruit will:

  a.. Be sworn in as a Federal employee.
  b.. Be given training on Community Relations in Atlanta, GA before you are
deployed to the field.
  c.. Receive training on deployment procedures and requirements.
  d.. Be compensated for the period of employment as a level C-1 reservist
(approximately $39,000/year)
  e.. Receive per diem at the local rate.
  f.. Airfare and/or other transportation to Atlanta, GA will be by
invitational travel (paid by FEMA)
  g.. Note: individual must save all travel related receipts for
  h.. Be issued a FEMA badge.
  i.. Be issued a temporary government travel credit card. (You are expected
to use this card for all travel related expenses such as airfare, lodging,
meals, gas, etc. and to pay all bills after reimbursement.)


·       State and Local POC's will compile a list of available individuals
using the attached Volunteer Activation Form.

·       The POC will forward the completed Volunteer Activation Form to the
FEMA Region V ROC for review and approval via FAX or by email.

·       An acceptance package with specific instructions will then be
forwarded to the POC for distribution to each individual approved for


0730 - 1830 (7:30 AM - 6:30 PM) CDT

Region V ROC FAX:         (312) 408-5302 or 5599

Region V ROC email:        FEMA-R05-ROC- ESF11 at DHS.GOV

*(note: email is "R zero 5" in first part of above email address)

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