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[aprssig] Questions about paths

John Langtry, VE3NEC ve3nec at sympatico.ca
Tue Sep 7 00:52:52 UTC 2004

Hi Rich,

Generally, you're correct; but your MMV accoding to
your country's laws on I.D.s (Canada is every 30
minutes, BTW.) [Sorry Stan, I did it again.]

OTOH, waiting 30 minutes for a POSIT report is frustrating
for an APRS station which has just come on the air and has
a clear map display.

So, in my case, I kill two brids with one rock (packet). At
the 15 minute point I send the digis' POSIT (which has its
call) to, as you suggest, to a "no path". At the 30 minute
point, I send it again, but one WIDE deep around me. At the
60 minute point, I send it again, but this time two WIDEs

Each network is different, and what works for my fellow
digi-ops and I, may be different for your location. I hate
to make generalizations.

vy 73 de John VE3NEC
IRLP node 2200

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