[aprssig] Dmapper Version 2.12 now available

DaveN roadfacts.com dave at roadfacts.com
Mon Sep 6 22:34:18 CDT 2004

Hello to all the APRS "SAR" folks,

I just posted an update to the DMAPPER program at  www.dmapper.com

This new VERSION 2.12 update includes several new features, some fixes, and
has been made easier to configure for those that don't like to read the
documentation.  The web site also has an FAQ section for those with

Keep those questions and comments coming. It helps me smooth out the rough
edges and add features.

Included in Dmapper Version 2.12

>Works with Microsoft XP  (and back to Win98,ME)

>Auto-Posts to...
**MapTech Terrain Navigator    [mouse tracks]
***Delorme Street Atlas       [tracks or current NOW location only]
****National Geographic TOPO!   (Back Roads & State maps)       [tracks or
current NOW location only]

(Will also manual post to other mapping programs including Delorme's

>Other New features....
*Will now change the last heard box to RED if a station is not moving since
last report. (identical coordinates)
**Added LETTERS A-,B-,... next to each callid position to correspond with
map displays.
***The LETTER designator now has "mouse over" display showing the RAW string
processed by Dmapper for that unit.
****Added TELNET CLOSE feature by DblClicking the Telnet Active label.
*****Added DEFAULT MAP POST DATA FILE settings if nothing designated for
******Dmapper top config menu will allow creation of a bogus TOPO! file so
the Import wizard can be configured.

>Fixes include...
*Position calculation error fixed for eastern USA
**Now has a Telnet CLOSE feature so Dmapper will clean exit using the "X" in
the title bar after closing Telnet.
***Catches duplicate waypoint names for posting to NG TOPO! maps
****Warns of invalid Com port selection.

Download the demo at www.dmapper.com and let me know what you think.  (Hope
to see some of you at the NWAPRS Gathering)
Dave Neys  W7PDQ
dave at roadfacts.com

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