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[aprssig] Help needed in Florida

A.J. Farmer ajfarmer at spenet.com
Tue Sep 7 14:26:01 UTC 2004

Where would one find this application?  I did quick look on the fema.gov
website and did not see anything like that.

Also, this may seem like a silly question, but wouldn't this type of
"payment" for "services" be against the FCC Rules for Amateur Radio or is it
permissible since it is coming from FEMA? 

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> Some of us from the group may be up on APRS while down there if the 
> network
> isn't to busy. We leave tomorrow (Tuesday) in the morning.

Did all of you fill out the FEMA application so that you get paid and 
reimbursed for your exspenses?  This is very important!!!  I assume you have

but I want to share this...Those that volunteer and just "show up" will not 
be reimbursed.

Jim Wooddell

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