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[aprssig] Help needed in Florida

A.J. Farmer ajfarmer at spenet.com
Tue Sep 7 15:03:35 UTC 2004

Sorry, I guess I missed that.  I thought you were replying to some fellow
that was going down to Florida to assist in an Amateur capacity.  He was
inquiring about APRS activity as I recall...  I guess I confused your post
with one from another thread.

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You need to read my original post.  It was a request for help and the 
information was given.
For the post....it really had nothing to do with ham radio at all other than

I knew many of you folks are
 trained in what they are looking for at this time.

If you can not find the post, I'll send it to you offline.  Again, the 
request had nothing related to Ham Radio.

Jim Wooddell

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> Where would one find this application?  I did quick look on the fema.gov
> website and did not see anything like that.
> Also, this may seem like a silly question, but wouldn't this type of
> "payment" for "services" be against the FCC Rules for Amateur Radio or is 
> it
> permissible since it is coming from FEMA?

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