[aprssig] Questions about paths

Andreras Junge, N6NU APRS aprs at n6nu.org
Tue Sep 7 15:14:29 CDT 2004

It would be nice to have a high level digi that has a list of "Rectangles"
that it serves as RELAY. When a position report is within one of the "areas"
it will digipeat, otherwise just do noting. Now that is what I call smart.

... and hasto be a command to upload rectangles ...

Just a thought.

Andreas, N6NU
Menlo Park, CA

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> > "Robert Bruninga" <bruninga at usna.edu> typed...
> > You should not be digiing anyone
> > unless you live on a very high hill and can serve the
> > community.  If you are diging otherwise, you are just adding
> > QRM to everyone else..
> This is a pretty blanket statement, admittedly from someone who Speaks
> the Truth. I'm still very new to APRS, so let me tell you what I see
> in two situations:
> The first situation is at my home in Silicon Valley. I've been trying to
> use a Pocket Tracker, which is pretty low power (about 250mW). It seems
> to have a pretty tough time getting over the local noise floor, so I'm
> building up a more powerful tracker. But in the process of trying to
> get it working, my observation is that it's a pretty long way from
> my neighborhood (zip 94306, 37.432/-122.153) to the nearest digi:
> http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/near.cgi?call=KG6VYD
> shows it about 7 miles away to the south, and nothing shows up to the
> north in that listing. WC6O-3 seems to just RELAY; it has very little
> So my temptation has been to install a TNC/radio in my garage and start
> running a RELAY only digi; I've only got about 20ft HAAT, so it doesn't
> seem to make much sense to claim to be WIDE. Once I have the setup
> going, I'll try to contact a local repeater to transfer the gear
> there - they could do a decent job of being WIDE, I think.
> Am I wrong in this approach? I'm trying to fill in the digi network
> for moderate powered trackers.
> The second situation is at our mountain cabin, south of Yosemite
> National Park. This is an environment with a lot less noise,
> but it's mountainous and there are very few digis. A path of
> WIDE4-4 will usually get me to an igate....
> http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/near.cgi?lat=37.405&lon=-119.6242
> The local repeater has good voice coverage, but no digi. The folks running
> the closest digi (55 miles south, WA6YLB-3) are working on
> putting a digi to the north of me, in the Park proper. But there's
> pretty much no coverage on the CA Hwy 41 corridor from Fresno up
> to the park, mostly because of hill shadow.
> Again, my inclination has been to put a RELAY digi on my roof. I have
> 40-50 HAAT to the S/SE, with Hwy 41 to my N/NW above me. Once I
> get it running, I would like to donate the hardware to the local
> repeater in Oakhurst, which would be a really nice WIDE site.
> There's a Forest Service lookout on top of an 8000' peak (Shuteye)
> that would make a *great* WIDE site, if I can get some contacts
> there (I think the folks putting the digi in the Park have
> contacts with the FS - Shuteye isn't staffed year round, so it
> will be ... interesting to keep a digi running there).
> In general, digi coverage isn't very good in this part of the Sierra.
> It seems we could use an igate closer; I don't have continuous
> IP connectivity at the cabin or I'd put one in.
> Back to my original question - is running RELAY in these situations
> a bad thing?
> Thanks,
> chris
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