[aprssig] Help needed in Florida

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Some food for thought.....
In the case of this request....
When you Volunteer under conditions like this under FEMA, you become a federal employee.  Even though you may be a ham radio operator, you may be assigned to something different.  You would be compensated as a federal employee and you would be working as a federal employee, not a ham.   In this case, they were looking for CERT trained people to service as public relations people.

I very much would like to see ALL Amateur Radio Operators that are interested in Public Service to sign up and take the 22 hour basic CERT training class in your Area.  It can be a fun class and who knows, you just might learn something!



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  A. J.

  Even, if you do act in the capacity as an amateur radio operator you can be compensated for your expenses. What you cannot be compensated for is your radiocommunications services. 

  73 Max KI6NJ
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