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[aprssig] Re: Questions about paths

Chris Kantarjiev cak at dimebank.com
Wed Sep 8 21:19:39 UTC 2004

> > not only did I get a $5k bonus, I also got a $3k patent bonus.
> how nice!

> > Maybe Scott can put that feature in his up-and-coming project, if it
> > has enough horsepower to do that sort of computation on the fly.
> > Keep it to integer subsets of lat/long and it'd be easy to compute.
> > It'd be harder to have to decode the Mic-E and Base-91 compressed
> > packets before checking for a fit.  Should be easy for OpenTrac
> > packets too I'd think.
> Piece of cake.  For OpenTRAC packets especially, since for a rectangle it's
> just doing a few integer comparisons.  I've been thinking about adding that
> sort of comparison to the config change criteria for the OpenTracker, so you
> could have it switch configs based on where it's at.  Memory's running a
> little short for that, though.  Might have to wait for my next tracker
> project... I'm aiming for 8 or 16 profiles in that one, to allow a sort of
> primitive scripting.

I'm a little confused :-) I thought OpenTrac doesn't have the
ability to receive packets, just send - and the question about rectangles
was about which packets to digipeat?

That said, I really like the idea of multiple profiles along these lines.
One of my backburner projects is a tracker/digipeater that I can
put in my LandCruiser to take to the trailhead: in one "mode", it
is a fairly normal tracker running off the connected GPS; in the other
mode, when parked at the trailhead, it is digipeating for the tracker
I carry with me.

I recognize that a D700A can do this - but it seems to have a pretty
high standby current draw and a lot of display smarts that I really
don't need (or want, from a theft standpoint). I expect my Cruiser
to get parked at the trailhead for a couple of days sometimes,
so it would be nice to minimize current draw. (I might also consider
putting in some timer functionality to only digi part of the day...)

Choosing profile based on an input pin, or indicating chosen
profile based on an output pin (or pins) would be really nice.

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