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[aprssig] D700 change packet path?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Sep 9 02:18:46 UTC 2004

You have AUTO-PM-STORE OFF.  THis way
on every power cycle the radio returns to the last
saved PM values.  This is the way I like it so that
you always go to a known state when you select
a PM.  If you set AUOT-PM-STORE to ON, then
what ever you do (no matter how screwed up you 
make it, it will "auto save" that setting each time
you powe off.  Thus you remain always in your last

IO receommend keeping AUTO-PM-SAVE off 
and just remember to F-PM-SAVE each time you
want to make a permanent change to your config
and remember it...


>>> schiers at netins.net 9/8/04 5:31:56 PM >>>
I recall seeing this problem before, but I can't remember how to fix
it. I
am trying to change my D700 packet path from TRACE3-3 to
input the change, and it works. I turn the radio off, then back on, and
reverts to TRACE3-3.

How do I get a change in the packet path in the D700 to "stick"?
using internal aprs, not a computer)

I know I'm going to kick myself when someone reminds me.


...hasan, N0AN

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